South Carolina Lottery Scratch-off Games Top Prizes Remaining

ScratchSmarter pulls all of this data from the South Carolina Lottery Scratch-off game pages and puts it here, making it easier to help you make sure the games you play still have a top prize remaining! We pull this data from every day! Search by Price, Game Name, Game Number and Prizes remaining to help you pick your next Scratch-off game!

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Are there top prizes remaining for the game you’re playing?

Did you know you need to check this?


The South Carolina Lottery is in the business of making money, so, they’ll keep selling tickets even if there aren’t any top prizes left for a game! It’s just one of the dirty tricks they play to cheat you out of your money!

That’s why, if you’re playing the South Carolina Lottery, you need ScratchSmarter! This page makes it really easy for you to find out if there are any top prizes remaining so you don’t waste your money on bad games!

We pull the prizes remaining data every day from the South Carolina Lottery website and put it into this easy to use table.

And there are no numbers to crunch. We’ve done all the hard work and made it easy so you can buy only good games!

The Top 10 Best South Carolina Lottery Scratch-off games are listed above, based on TOP Prizes remaining.

Avoiding games with no top prizes remaining is the first step in Scratching Smarter!

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